I got accepted into the newspaper because of a writing piece I submitted onto the YWP website…

I was always told that life is short so make sure you live the whole thing. I never really did that until I realized how short life can really be.. Today is the most special day of winter it is the first snow I am sitting up in the clouds when all of a sudden the wind pushes and I start to slip off the side colliding with the others until I plunge into nothingness then I fall slowly drifting, floating, sailing, spinning into the abyss. I collide with another she is beautiful her six points glistening even in the dark sky. She grasps to one of my many hands and we float downward towards the barren frozen ground. Together as one. I get closer to her beautiful body and the wing gushes and pushes us far to the left away from the others. We are alone falling but flying together we dance and twirl through the night sky knowing soon our life must end but… we are together as one. Forever. We smash into the ground, our eyes close, our life ends.

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